RAIR Farm is located in Prince George, Virginia, two miles from the courthouse, a grand 74 acres. It is one of the finest lands in Prince George County. The farm consists of 2- two acre paddocks and two large fields; a 10 acre and 20 acre fenced with four oak boards, planks and treated faced posts. Out of the 74 acres, 49 acres are planted with Kentucky bluegrass, Timothy grass, Orchard grass, Clover, and Rye grass. Good quality hay is produced on the farm. Yearly soil sample are taken to ensure that the land continues to offer the necessary nutrients for optimal growth and health of future resident horses. Additional paddocks are in the planning process to be built in the near future.  A 46’ x 70’ barn with eight 16’x16’ stalls have been completed, they are a safe, practical and an attractive home for the horses. The barn also has a feeding room, water, electricity, tack room and office. We are minutes away from support services and veterinarian clinics.